Arthurs Pass Huts

  Andrews Bivvy Tucked into the bush edge on a large tussock clearing at Hallelujah Flat in the Andrews Valley   Bealey Spur: A former musterers hut close to the bushline on Bealey Spur, oozing character   Carroll Hut: Nestled in an attractive tarn filled basin. Trampers are often greeted by mist and swirling winds in this typical Westland location   Waimakariri Falls: Perched on ice worn rock above a spectacular chasm in the rugged headwaters of the Waimakariri Valley   Sudden Valley A quaint little two person dog kennel type bivvy  in a secluded side valley of the Hawdon River




Westland Huts

  County Hut A remote hut only reached after a prolonged struggle thru giant boulders and thick bush   Dickie Spur  A rare fine day on this exposed ridge top. The full force of the storms sweeping in from the Tasman are felt here



Frew Bivvy A terrific location surrounded by rugged mountains above the Hokitika headwaters

  Toaroha Saddle Right at the head of the Toaroha Valley on a windswept saddle overlooking the Mungo Valley   Pinnacle Bivvy  Nestled in a tussock hollow high above the Kokotahi River with great views over Hokitika farmland and the Tasmsn Sea

Nelson Huts

  Porter Hut  On the flanks of Red Hill, a surreal landscape of red mineral rich rocks


  Slatey Hut  High on Slatey Peak on the Richmond Range , a great place to relax and lounge around on the surrounding carpet grass   Larrikans Hut  In the heart of an earthquake shattered wilderness on a strange tussock plateau above the Mikohinui River   Adelaide Tarn Hut In the Kahurangi Park amongst mountains with atmospheric names like; Dragons Teeth, Trident and Needle   Balloon Hut On the popular Mt Arthur Tablelands this region takes on a new character in the depths of winter