Photos of control methods and poisons used


Victor size1 leg hold trap ground set with flour lure

Victor size1 leg hold trap set on running board where ground birds are present





Baitstation set 2m up tree to prevent stock access

Baitstation close up





Baitstation containing cyanide paste and dead possums

Taipo Valley

Cage trap for live possum capture, useful close to built up areas





Using a helicopter for precise prefeeding

Rat proof cyanide baitstation





Method of laying cyanide on ground set

Connibear kill trap





1080 cereal pellets, one 12 gram pellet is enough to kill one possum

Feracol cholecalciferol striker bait in penut butter. Baitstation is made of edible potatoe starch. One bait will kill one possum





Photos of possum hunting locations and habitat


Well used possum runs in the Taipo Valley

More sign of high possum numbers in Waimakariri Valley





Its not always easy going: Crossing Hendes Ck after a rainstorm

Base for a 2 month control operation in the Karangarua Valley





A chilly base camp in the Regina Valley in June

Photo taken on hills above Otira during a ground poisoning operation to take brousing pressure off the Rata trees. About 20,000 possums were killed

Boulder travel in the County River, South Westland The easy way  into Regina Ck to set up a tent camp
A bad case of heavily browsed Rata forest in the Mungo River   More blooming Rata, Otira Valley
Skin and Fur recovery
Plucked possum fur, sold by the kilo Dried skins ready for sale
Air drying skins to preserve them Skinning possums up the Scone River
Possum near the bush line Chopper Access